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Learn how Thomas J Senatore, an International Speaker created his unique Tax Lien and Tax Deed investing strategy to acquire massive amounts of Tax Liens as well as many homes at the Tax Deed auctions across the United States. This 223-page book will provide the insight on how you too can get started with your investing career. There are many examples of both Tax Lien and Tax Deed purchases as well as hints and tips on how to navigate the process.

Inside you will learn how to investigate both liens and deeds to weed out the good from the bad.  You will learn about the myths and misleading information about this technique and how to put together a team (I call this my Power Team) to allow you to do more deals with less headaches.

The book wraps up with a guide to each state and a quick review of what they offer, how often they have sales and your potential returns.

TAX LIEN AND DEED INVESTING - The proven Technique

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