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Tax Lien and Tax Deed Investing Program

TLTD - V002
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Are you working from home?

Are you taking care of your children or an older parent from home?

Would like to make some extra money?

Is your current income not working for you?

Is your retirement account not close to where it should be?

If your answer to any of these 5 questions were a yes, then I have the solution.

Use your free time from the comfort of your home and have your money grow at 18% per year with reduced risk and with less time.

Are you concerned of being in a classroom and rather not fly to take a program?

My virtual program is just what you have been looking for and we have it all for you.

We start out with an in-depth examination of the world of Tax Liens and show you how to immediately purchase Tax Lien Certificates that earn 18% per year for up to 7 years in certain states. The second part is where we go over the Tax Deed auctions and how you can pick up all types of properties for just pennies on the dollar.

I cover the process from start to finish and leave nothing out. I will cover:

  • Getting registered on the 3rd party auction websites
  • How to search the Tax Liens and Tax Deeds
  • How we search and complete the due diligence
  • How to determine the best price
  • How to be a winner at the auction
  • What exit strategy to use after you win the property
  • How to sell your property once you are ready, or
  • How to manage your property and portfolio.
  • I will review who makes up your Power team.

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